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Project Name: Perspective

Type: Group Project

Group Size: 3

Duration: 5 weeks

Role: Level Designer, System Designer, Puzzle Designer

Engine: Unreal 4

Year: 2015




    - Mechanic Design

    - Introducing Mechanics

    - Puzzle Design

    - Level Design




The goal of this project was to be able to teach players mechanics of a game without having them watch tutorials. In this game, players gradually learn mechanics to reach full understanding of a complex mechanic in a short experience. 


During concept development, we came up with a system where the player takes control of an AI system that takes control of cameras by moving between them and having to solve puzzles using a gravity gun on the camera. During this stage I was heavily involved in developing concept rules and mechanics for the game.


Later on in the process I was responsible for creating a system to onboard the player make them familiar with the control system as well as desiging some of the more complicated puzzles and creating a proper level flow. In order to achieve this, I dissected the mechanics in pieces that have to be taught and isolated them. To teach the player a layer is added to the mechanic every stage until they have performed every action themselves at least once, after which they are given a challenge where they have to combine everything they have been taught the basics of to solve this. This system keeps climbing in difficulty and includes a twist in the middle to keep player interested. The player then finishes a 'mastery' puzzle where they have to combine everything they've learned in the level in solving a challenging puzzle.

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