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Project Name: Monskey Skate

Type: Group Project

Team Size: 11

Duration: 14 Days

Genre: Mobile Skateboarding Game

Role: UX Designer, UI Designer

Engine: Unity 4

Year: 2014




Monskey Skate is a prototype game for a commercial client. We were given a concept of a skateboarding game and we developed it into a mobile skateboarding game for android. During development I was in charge of UX design and UI design.

The game uses the Android's phone gyroscope to control the skateboarding character and the touch interface to play mini-games. I worked on creating the right 'game feel' during the skateboarding part of the game and creating the right transition between the skateboarding game and the mini-games that are triggered when players go up a ramp to perform a stunt.


Because the game is aimed at kids, I did research on how to make the game feel and game UI come together. To test this, I arranged testing sessions with kids between the age of 6-9 to confirm this and proved succesful. My part of the UI in the game is the in-game HUD as well as the interface for customising the skateboard. In this part of the game I aimed to create a new and easy way for young kids to customise their keyboard with as many possibilities as possible to let them be as creative as possible, while still keeping it simple for them. This was the most important part in the brief by our commercial client for this project.

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