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Nominated for the Dutch Game Awards in the category 'Best Student Art'.



Project Name: Acheron

Type: Team Project

Team Size: 12

Duration: 14 days

Genre: 2.5D Side-Scrolling Platformer

Role: Level Designer, System Designer

Engine: Unreal 4

Year: 2015


In Acheron players take control of two seperate orbs who are the guiding light for a girl in need in the dark world around her. The orbs are controlled simultaneously using both sticks and bumpers on a controller. Players cannot directly control the girl herself, but are to guide her using one of the orbs and complete challenges in the meantime. The game sets up for puzzles that make her journey a challenge.




    - Mechanic Design

    - Guiding Players

    - Puzzle Design

    - Level Design

    - Introducing Mechanics




During the early stages I took on the role of developing the mechanics and systems, together with two other designers on the team and refined the concept to the state where it became playable. I worked closely with programmers and artists to get the look and feel we as designers wanted for the game. 


As soon as the concept was completed I took on the role of level designer. I started working on sketches to develop an interesting level for the game. After coming up with several sketches, it became clear that the level would not allow for players to gradually be introduced to the mechanics, as the game featured a rather unconventional control system. I reworked the design so it would be able to introduce players to the game and blocked out the level in Unreal 4 to start prototyping. Several adjustments were made to make the game flow more naturally and better oversight. 


When the whitebox was ready, it was sent off to art treatment, which set-dressed the level after which it was returned. In this stage I playtested the level and worked closely with artists to maintain gameplay with as little concessions in art as possible.

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